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Pressure Wash and Your Competition



As you continue to pursue market dominance both in the commercial pressure wash and residential pressure wash markets there are many instances when you approach a potential client  with the hopes of “getting your foot in the door” only to be told that they already have a pressure washing company that performs their pressure wash services.  Has this happened to you?  This is very common in the pressure wash industry where we as contractors walk away from a potential customers with nothing but disappointment and discouragement.  Though it may seem that you are constantly running into a brick wall with your efforts you may be surprised that you can leave a lasting impression with the customer that currently has a pressure wash company on the ‘books’.

In this article I poise some questions that we as pressure washing contractors should be asking ourselves when we come across an opportunity to leave a professional and lasting impression with potential customers that we yearn to win their business.


You already have Pressure Wash Services?

Here are Question to Ponder

Do you try to find out when the contract expires? If you get that information…WRITE IT DOWN and put it in a monthly tickler file. Also, make sure you get the clients contact information.

Do you from time to time swing by or pass through and view the current pressure washers performance? If so, write down areas where you think your service can out perform the existing pressure wash company. One thing to remember is to remain professional and never bash.

Do you leave your contact information with the client? If so, tell them that if they ever need you to “fill in” for the contractor that they should call you. What happens if the current contractor misses a service or may have to leave on a family emergency. What if his rigs break down or two crew people call in sick? The client is not worried about the problems that a pressure washing company brings with them, the client is just looking to have the service performed.  Period.

What happens if the Vice President or the President of the building or company decides to pay a site visit and only gives the Manager a 2 day notice? And the manager can’t track down the current contractor or the current contractor says he can’t do the wash because he is busy doing other things.

The positive impression that you left with that manager and your contact information could be your ticket to get your foot in the door.

When talking to commercial clients, don’t just walk away when they say they already have someone. Give them the reasons above and more to take your card.

If and when they do call you for help, this could be the beginning to the end of the other contractor. Be aggressive but be professional. If you are good at what you do i.a. pressure wash then walk around with a confidence about yourself during your time infront of potential customers.

If you know your business and know their business a potential pressure wash client will pick up on your confidence!

How Do Keep Your Foot in the Door?

Mail the client a follow-up letter.  The below letter is one that I have used for a long time to keep the attention of future pressure wash clients for my company.  It is short but to the point.  I have shared this letter over the years to pressure washing contractors and based on their feedback it is an effective way to get your foot in the door and keep it there without bashing your competition.

Please feel free to use it to your advantage.

Matthew XXXX
ABC Company
P. O. Box XXX
xxxx, CA 12345


It was great speaking with you regarding the pressure wash services that New Look Power Wash can offer ABC COMPANY. It is our hope that ABC COMPANY and New Look Power Wash can gel a relationship together in the near future.

I would like to offer our pressure wash services in an “as needed basis” for ABC. I understand that your current pressure wash service continues to do an adequate job. The fit that I see with our company is that we would be utilized as a back-up vendor for your pressure washing needs. If your current pressure wash vendor takes a vacation, calls in ill or if their services deteriorate ~ New Look Power Wash is readily available to step-in and fulfill the contract specifications.

Our intention is to ultimately win your business and under no circumstances will my company under mine your current pressure wash service. Our purpose is to offer you an alternative if one of the above scenarios occurs with your current service.

Our reputation and service speaks for itself. Having clients such as Chevy’s Fresh Mex Restaurants, Aldredge Enterprises, the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce and a variety of Homeowners Associations throughout Solano county ~ New Look Power Wash has established itself as one of the premiere pressure wash companies in Solano county!

I will call you in early January to answer any questions that ABC COMPANY may have and also to see whether or not we can finalize this understanding that we spoke about on the phone. I would be more than willing to meet with you and/or another representative from ABC COMPANY.

The main goal when you approach a client that already has a pressure wash service in place is to offer and afford the client options to hire you.  Even it is a one time clean-up approach every client with the attitude that it could turn into a long term relationship.

Best of luck!

Pressure Wash service areas include San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Richmond, San Pablo, Hercules, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Winters, Davis, Sacramento, West Sacramento, Suisun City, Stockton, Pittsburgh, Walnut Creek, Benicia, Danville, San Ramon, American Canyon, Orinda, Berkeley, Albany, Point Richmond, Rio Vista, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Burbank, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Hayward, Rancho Cordova, Los Banos, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange County, Contra Costa County, Solano County, Alameda County and Napa County.