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Hire a Pressure Wash Contractor

So you are finally looking for a qualified pressure wash contractor to perform the necessary task of applying his or her knowledge to provide pressure washing services to your house or place of business?

The likely hood that your house, building or sidewalks are pretty dirty right now and you need to get them clean, right?  Customer often wait until the outside of their building or house is either covered with algae or the dirt has accumulated so much over the years that the building itself has turned into an eyesore.

As with every significant purchase you make for the upkeep of your property you will want to make sure that the pressure washing contractor that you hire has the necessary credentials that ultimately qualify them as a legitimate pressure washing contractor.  Beyond the business license and proof of insurance you will want to make sure that the contractor has an acute understanding of what needs to be cleaned and how it will be cleaned.

It has been my experience over the years regardless of the locale i.e. Napa, San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Los Angeles or San Diego that the consumer has little knowledge if any of what we as pressure washing contractors really do.  One particular customer in Walnut Creek made a comment that all I do is play in water all day long.  I guess one could surmise that this is indeed true however there is many ‘things’ that we do in order to ensure that our pressure washing services are the best in California.

Picking the right contractor to perform the pressure wash services you desire can be difficult when you do not know what questions you need to ask.  As mentioned before at minimum you want to make sure that the “pressure wash” contractor is truly a legitimate pressure washing business in the first place.  As a consumer you will want to make sure that the contractor does indeed have a business license and most importantly carry the correct and enough insurance that specifically covers pressure washing as part of their company policy.  Pressure wash contractors that do have the necessary credentials often proudly display them on their website.  In our case, New Look Power Wash is fully insured and a pressure wash vendor for the County of Solano, the City of Fairfield and the State of California.  In conjunction with this we are also a certified Small Business with the State of California.  Often times other trades that claim they perform pressure washing services do indeed have insurance and will tell you that BUT the may not be insured for pressure washing.

Questions to Ask

Once you have found a few legitimate pressure wash companies to bid on your project, don’t be afraid to ask them exactly how they intend to clean and remove all the dirt and algae from your residence or place of business without damaging the actual surface.  Here are a few questions to ask as you try to decide which company you will hire:

  • What procedures do you use to clean?
  • Do you use cold or hot water when you pressure wash?
  • Do you use any soap? If so, ask for the MSDS sheet for it so that you may read exactly what they are putting on your building or sidewalks
  • Will the soap hurt my plants?
  • Will the algae reappear?
  • What equipment will you use to clean my back patio or sidewalks?
  • Can the contractor guarantee that they will be able to get the surface clean?
  • Ask for references if you wish to speak to another consumer about the contractors work.

These questions along with some that you may come up with will hopefully enable you to make the right choice in hiring a pressure wash contractor.  As you are interviewing the pressure wash company determine which company you feel will back their services up unconditionally should something go wrong on the job.

The Almighty Dollar

Pricing does play an important role if not the deciding role in determining who you hire to perform the services.  However do not let pricing be the only reason you choose one contractor from the next one.  Qualified contractors charge for their services because they have spent many years testing what works and does not work on different surfaces relating to pressure washing.  Entering into the pressure wash industry as a contractor is relatively easy but being a qualified contractor does require knowledge and experience in the field of pressure washing to properly perform the services the correct way.

Pressure Wash service areas include San Francisco, Oakland, Pleasanton, Emeryville, Richmond, San Pablo, Hercules, Vallejo, Petaluma, El Cerrito, Folsom, Lafayette, Cathedral City, Clayton, East Palo Alto, Palo Alto, Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Winters, Davis, Sacramento, West Sacramento, Suisun City, Stockton, Pittsburgh, Pleasant Hill, St. Helena, Walnut Creek, Oakley, Benicia, Danville, San Ramon, American Canyon, Orinda, Berkeley, Napa, San Rafael, Petaluma, South San Francisco, Rancho Cordova, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Lodi, Stanford, Monterey, Bodega Bay, Carmel, Redding, Livermore, Fremont, Fresno, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Riverside, Modesto, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Elk Grove, Sunnyvale, Visalia, Roseville, Daly City, Antioch, San Mateo, Clovis, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Alhambra, Chico, Citrus Heights, Livermore, Alameda, San Leandro, Calistoga, Campbell, Tracy, Merced, Atherton, Auburn, Belmont, Belvedere, Brentwood, Brisbane, Burlingame, Albany, Point Richmond, Rio Vista, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Mill Valley, Burbank, Palo Alto, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Hayward, Rancho Cordova, Los Banos, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange County, Contra Costa County, Solano County, Alameda County and Napa County