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Pressure Wash Business ~ Your Expectations

As a business owner in the pressure wash industry what is your expectations?  I am absolutely positive that you asked this same question when you entered into the pressure wash industry.  You came up with the idea to start your business and also to take it somewhere, preferably in the right direction.  What were your expectations or better yet how did you determine the ‘right direction’.

Your Pressure Wash Business ~ Where is it Going?
Your Pressure Wash Business ~ Where is it Going?

Think about this before you read on.  Analyze your business and what your expectations are for it.

Is Success Driving You?

Is one of your expectations to be successful? Though it may seem a silly question at first and often times business owner’s gloss over this statement but achieving success with your pressure washing business is a critical component that requires some deep thought.  Define success and leave out the template statement about making money so you do not have to work anymore.  If you have not heard this about money and success, let me be the first to clue you in on something.  Making money is not success. Making money is the reward for your success.

Where Ya At?

Before you can take your pressure wash business ‘somewhere’ it is probably safe to say that you better first know where you or IT is at. So the fundamental question to ask yourself, where are you? Do you know where you are at? And when I mean “know where you are at” I am leaning in the direction of YOU knowing exactly where you business is at today, where it was yesterday and where it was the day before that and the day before that. It is always good to KNOW where you are at before you KNOW where you want to go.  This is a fair observation.

Where Ya Going?

Once you have determined where you are at within your pressure wash business, it is time to envision its future.  Simply put, where do you want to go?  Now that you KNOW where YOU are at it is time to figure out WHERE you want to go. So, WHERE do you want to go? Leave out the template answer about making as much money like that contractor over in the next county or that contractor that is idolized on the different bulletin boards. Your business is not about them; your business is about YOU.

All ‘Systems’ Go?

So, back to the fundamental question that we all have asked ourselves or have been asked by others. “What are your expectations as a pressure wash business owner?” What are the elements of your business model, business plan, budget, that will help you achieve “Success” as you define it? Do you know?  Some of you may not realize this but many of you already have the elements in place in your business. You just need to organize them.  These elements or otherwise known as systems will help you arrive to the place you want to be at.  Before you implement the systems to push your business in the direction that you wish to go you must first arrive with an understanding as to where you want to go and stick with that.  Comprehend your business model, business plan, budget and the necessary infrastructure so that you will know what systems to implement to get you there.

What are systems?

That will be the next article on the California Pressure Washing Blog.  Here is to your success!  Please feel free to post comments here at the California Pressure Washing Blog.

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